What Should You Know About Vacuum Suction Power? –(Which would be best for you)

The success of your cleaning performance depends on the suction power of your vacuum. It plays a great role in maintaining your house clean as white. Before purchasing a vacuum, you should consider first the suction power, which is considered to be the strength of the vacuum. Then, identify the specifications that are important for you.

Understanding the specs of your vacuum cleaner would be one of the most challenging parts, right? But, if you could only truly understand your vacuum suction power, your cleaning performance will literally suck!

Vacuum cleaners operate based on air flow. The air flow is created by the suction motor or vacuum motor.

It is measured on how much air the machine can take in. It is measurable by cubic feet per minute (CFM).

In general, vacuum cleaners operate between 50 to 100 CFM. The higher the CFM, the more powerful the suction is. It was tested that the highest measured suction power for a vacuum is 200 CFM.

It can be measured too by air watts (AW). The ideal AW is 100 AW for upright and 220 for a canister.

Watts, Amps, and Horsepower are the other types of measurement for suction power.

A vacuum cleaner with the low suction power will tend to leave more dirt in the cleaning area. A vacuum with higher suction power can mostly remove all dirt on the floor.

One good example, a vacuum for tile floors. Tile floors are one of the easiest cleaning environment, unlike with carpets and hard wooden floors. So, if you have a small space with tile floors, a vacuum with low suction power may be suited for you.

Because, as we all know, like a universal law, the higher the suction power of a vacuum is, the more expensive it is. Great deals come from expensive ones.

The idea of having a vacuum is to wipe away all kinds of dirt from smallest to biggest and from visible to invisible. So, having a high suction powered vacuum would be the best.

But, this idealism can be broken based on your needs, budget, perspective and cleaning area.

If your cleaning area is your small office or apartment, there’s no need to purchase a vacuum with such high suction power. Because your space is not as wide and hard to clean. The dust and dirt accumulated on the floor would be just a few and low-suction vacuum would be enough.

However, if you’re an owner of a big house, or if you have an industrial area, a large shop, restaurant or establishment, cleaning would be a difficult responsibility for you. In this case, you need to have a high suction vacuum that can help you remove heavy debris embedded in the floor efficiently at a shorter period of time.

You don’t need high suction vacuum too, if you just need a lightweight or portable vacuum cleaner.  These vacuums have low suction power and good only for easy cleaning task. A suction has an air pump and stronger pumps are needed to generate higher suction. These pumps should be big and heavy enough to be more powerful.

It’s true that a high suction vacuum can give the best deals, but, it can also give unwanted things like high power consumption and noise pollution.

There are so many things to consider when it comes to vacuums aside from the suction power. Like, its price, accessories, filtration system and much more. But, we can’t deny, that high suction vacuums are the best.

And we should always remember the famous line:

Great power, comes with great responsibility. Or, I should say, great cleaning responsibility.