What does Islam say on Arranged Marriage vs Forced Marriage

Marriage is a way of creating a relationship between two People and creating a bond of love between them. Every faith has its own idea of Marriage. In Islam, arranged marriages are preferred as compared to love unions. This doesn’t mean that Islam has some limitations on Love marriages. Islam allows love unions but with the condition that both families of the man and woman agree to this marriage. An arranged marriage is a different type of marriage where the household takes the lead for picking the girl of their own option. Muslims don’t “date” as compared to the Western civilization. Man and woman are tied into a connection based on the Islamic method of marriage that’s known as “Nikah”.

Couples in arrange unions come together through their families or community. It doesn’t only create a connection between two people, but it’s the source of developing a powerful bond of love between two families.

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The Difference between Arranged Marriage vs Forced Marriage:

Some people think that an arranged marriage is a pressured marriage. A man or a woman is forced by their families to marry the one of the family’s choice. Forced marriages happen when a person or a woman is driven by a household to marry, using threats, blackmails, fraud and even bribes. A few of the parents use the strategies by not talking for their son/daughter and accepting the suggestions on their own without asking their kids. Some parents convince them emotionally or sometimes forcefully; pressurizing a girl for marriage in a forceful way is strictly prohibited in Islam. It’s the right of every person to make his own choice in regards to marriage. If they’re not prepared, then their parents shouldn’t force them. In some households, if kids don’t take the proposition so the parents believe their kids are disobeying them. It’s a fact that only parents can make the best decision of their lives and they want their kids to be happy. So when a boy or a girl wants to marry somebody of their own choice then parents must encourage them although in an Islamic fashion and with good manners.

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In many households, it is a culture that parents do commitments for their relatives and then those relatives pressurize them now and then by threatening to cut off family ties. Parents should realize that by maintaining their kinship intact, they’re ruining their own children.

If your parents had chosen someone for you, then you should first see that person and have a little conversation prior to making any decision. An arranged marriage does not mean that you’re forced to marry the person your parents had chosen. If you don’t like the person, then talk to your parents. If parents are forcing you, then you should politely discuss the teachings of Islam on the issue especially giving evidence from some relevant verses of Quran and the ahadith which show that Islam doesn’t accept forced marriages.

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